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Advancing, educating, innovating our clients to reach their potential is our business!

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Individual Assitance

If you or your child is struggling with a subject or concept in the classroom or would simply like to increase his/her confidence or grades, we have highly qualified teachers to help. We are not tutors; we are teachers. All our staff members hold active and current teaching licenses in their subject area while some hold state licenses in various states. Many of our teachers hold several graduate degrees in the field of education. We can place you with the right teacher. Check out each staff members’ credentials on the staffing page to see for yourself.


Proven Instructional Strategies

Although some colleges are eliminating standardized test scores such as the ACT for college entry, the ACT still plays a crucial role in the college setting. Many colleges’ academic scholarships are based on a pre-determined ACT/SAT composite score. Also, colleges require benchmark scores to determine an applicant’s course placement path and success rate in courses. Not meeting the college benchmarks can land a student in remedial courses prior to courses that contribute toward a major. Negatively, this can cost additional tuition money. For this reason, students should work to obtain national benchmark scores on the ACT. If you desire to improve your score, we can help. AEI’s owner holds national credentials as an ACT Certified Educator; she has gone through extensive training and testing with the makers of ACT to ensure that she is well-trained and knowledgeable to teach the standards of the ACT. She also ensures that the staff is implementing the best strategies to prepare students. Our testimonials speak for themselves.

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The Path to Success

AEI Educational Services, LLC. understands the high demands that are placed on educational institutions to produce results. Therefore, we offer a diverse skill set in the following areas that allows us to work with teachers, administrators, parents, and educational affiliates at all education levels:

  • Employee Retention: Why Aren’t They Staying?

  • Comprehensive School Counseling Programs: Reaching Every Child

  • Teach the Teacher: Cracking the ACT

  • Virtual/Online Schools: Creating, Revamping, and Enhancing

  • Educational Policies and Procedures

  • Classroom Management: You Must Reach Before You Can Teach

  • Athletics and Academics: Knowing and Doing

  • Instructional Design: Implementing Evidence Based Best Practices

  • Instructional Design: Developing Courses that Yield Results

AEI provides guidance to families; schools, including colleges and universities; and educational and religious organizations. What sets us apart from other educational consulting firms is we combine research, strategies, and demonstrated instruction when working with our clients. We have been in the educational trenches; therefore, we will demonstrate our strategies in the educational trenches side by side with you.

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