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I had a goal to get in the 30s club with my ACT score; a 32 was the minimal goal. Math was the lowest section of my ACT. After scoring a 29 on the ACT, I began private tutoring with Ms. Riggs. After working with her, I was able to surpass my goal and scored a 33. I have carried this math knowledge with me to University of Southern California.

Donovan, USC student

Phazion Locke.jpg

I always knew I wanted to go to college and play football. With the help of Dr. Roberson and AEI, I raised my composite score by 10 points, which helped me to receive academic scholarships. I now attend and play football for Belhaven University.

Phazion, Belhaven University student

Marley and Marlon.JPG

The teachers of AEI are amazing. When my kids are struggling to understand math, I know that Ms. Riggs can help. Dr. Patterson is the best science teacher. My daughter absolutely loves her. If I have any questions about an educational policy, I can count on Dr. Roberson to give me sound advice. These ladies are true teachers and want the best for all students.

Shonda, Parent

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